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3 on 3 Tournaments and Leagues

Summer 3v3 League Schedule:

3v3 Boys League Sched 2021 updated 7/19  10:00 pm

3v3 Girls League Sched 2021 updated 7/15 10:00 pm


The 3 on 3 Game: Fundamentally Driven

In the Zone typically runs a half dozen one-day 3 on 3 tournaments each year and two 3v3 leagues.   Games are half court, fast paced and           fundamentally focused!

Why Play 3 v 3?

  • USA Basketball, FIBA and AAU have recognized 3v3 as “a great way for coaches and players to evaluate and improve on individual skill development.” (×3/3×3-basketball.aspx) and have developed 3v3 leagues, tournaments, national and world championships.
  • 3 v 3 is Recognized by the international basketball community and is now an Official Olympic Sport!

At In the Zone, we’ve been ahead of the curve and have been playing and promoting 3 on 3 for 16 years.  Over the years, we’ve developed our own game rules which, although different from FIBA and AAU, we feel facilitate skill development, court IQ and team work.

Click for GAME RULES and comparison to FIBA rules: Game Rules 3v3

3 v 3 Compared to 5 v 5 (or 4 v 4)

  • 3v3 focuses on the pure fundamentals of the game: pick and rolls, give and goes, back door cuts, hand off’s, away screens, etc.
  • Fewer players on the court means more touches per player. Everyone is involved in the game—everyone gets better!
  • No transition game. No walking the ball up court.  No fast breaks, no coast to coast baskets, no cherry picking—nothing but fundamental half-court offense. (compare to 4v4 where there are a lot of full court break-away lay-ups and cherry picking).
  • No pressing, gimmick defenses or junk traps. 3v3 stresses fundamental man to man defense.
  • Easier to get 3 kids for a game than 4 or 5. This will be a big advantage during these uncertain times…..
  • Fast paced, high scoring and exciting. In a 20 minute game, teams routinely score in the high 30’s (that’s 70+ points in full game). High school teams score 50-70 points in 20 min—that’s triple digits in a regular length game!!
  • It’s a more relaxed, fun atmosphere and consequently more enjoyable.
  • It’s not just another basketball league —it’s something different.
  • And seriously, the only time people play 4v4 is when they don’t have enough players for 5v5.

3 v 3 Tournaments  

3 on 3 Tournaments in Fall-Winter 2020-2021

  • Thanksgiving Weekend,  Friday Nov 27, 2020
  • Christmas Break, Wednesday, December 30, 2020
  • Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 18, 2021
  • President’s Day, Monday, February 15, 2021
  • Good Friday, Apr 2, 2021


Generally there are two 20 minute preliminary games used for seeding and then teams enter single elimination bracket play. There is a 3 game guarantee. For brackets with 4 teams, each team plays other teams, 2 best records advance to finals.  Tie breakers: 1) head to head; 2) point differential in games between teams involved in tie (max 15 points/game); 3) Most points scored in games between teams in tie; 4) coin flip.  If a team drops out in any of the above steps but other teams are still tied, revert back to tie breaker #1

Age Brackets:

  • 3-4th grade  m/f
  • 5-6th grade  m/f
  • 7-8th grade  m/f
  • 9-10th grade  m/f
  • 11-12th  grade  m/f
  • Some brackets might be combined or changed slightly.
    Male and Female are separate brackets (unless otherwise specified).

Referee:  There will be one referee scheduled for each game.

Winning teams in each bracket will receive Tournament Champion T-Shirts!

3 on 3 Summer League 2021

Tired of the same old summer leagues??  Want to try something different?

The 3v3 Summer League at In the Zone is your answer!!

The 3 on 3 league is for players entering grades 3-12 (grades as of Sep 2021).


      • Season Starts Tues June 8; Concludes July 27, 2021
      • 14 game regular season schedule.
      • Single elimination play-offs on Tues July 27 and Wed July 28.  All teams make playoffs.
      • Two 20 minute games scheduled each week, back to back or 30-60 min break between games and against different teams.
      • Max roster 6 players/team
      • One ref/game
      • League champions will receive T-Shirts.
      • Boys will play primarily on Tuesdays and girls primarily on Wednesdays, 5:30-9:30.
      • Game rules same as 3v3 Tournament games (except max roster size of 6 instead of 5) Click here for GAME RULES:  Game Rules 3v3

 Benefits of entering the In the Zone Summer League:

      • All games are indoors at In the Zone and our building is AIR CONDITIONED!!
      • Plus: no gnats, sun, wind,  Thunderstorms, rainouts re-scheduling etc.
      • Snack bar and fitness area
      • Relaxed, fun atmosphere.
      • Centrally Located in Bath just off Route 512, 4 miles north of Route 22.

Uniforms:   Teams need to have roughly the same color shirts with numbers clearly visible.

Age Brackets:

  • 3-4th grade  m/f
  • 5-6th grade  m/f
  • 7-8th grade  m/f
  • 9-10th grade  m/f
  • 11-12th  grade  m/f
  • Some brackets might be combined or changed slightly.
    Male and Female are separate brackets (unless otherwise specified).

Registration Fees:  $465/team

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your team’s spot.  Balance due before first game. Final roster is due before playing your team’s 3rd game.   ENTRY DEADLINE is 9:00 pm on Tues, June 1st.  Teams with at least 2 Current ITZ AAU players get $80 discount (Entry fee of $385/team).

Team managers/Coaches need to collect fees from their players and make one payment to ITZ (besides the deposit) for their team. ITZ is not going to collect money from individual players or track down individuals for payment.


To Register a team, email Steve at with team manager’s name, phone, email, grade (as of Sept of 2021) and boys or girls.  Also include preliminary roster and relative strength of team (A=AAU/Travel team, B=Average/Rec team, C=Developmental).  Final rosters due by start of 3rd game.  Please note, we’d rather a team use a guest player than forfeit if they don’t have enough players.  The guest player should be the appropriate age and should not alter the competitiveness of the team (ie, not be the best player on the team, aka stacking your team). Please let us know if you need to use a guest player(s).

To secure a spot in the league, submit a $100 deposit or pay in full by either stopping in at ITZ with check, cash or credit card; calling ITZ with CC  (610-837-8605); mailing in check (payable to In the Zone, 6870 Chrisphalt Drive, Bath PA 18014); paying online at:  or using PayPal at

The registration fee includes referee fees, court time and clock operator/scorer but not practice time.   Teams may receive discounted court time for practice.

Want to play but need a team?

Individual players can register and will be placed on a team if there are enough individual registrations in that division.  Cost is $120/player for individual registrations. There is no guarantee that everyone who signs up individually will be put on a team.