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3 on 3 Tournaments and Leagues

President’s Day 3v3 Tournament Schedule Click:  3v3 schedulePres_2018  updated Sunday, Feb 19 at 7:00 pm

Results of MLK 3v3: 3v3 scheduleMLK_2018

Results for New Year’s Eve 3v3:  3v3 scheduleDec31_2017

Results for Black Friday 3v3 Tournament:  3v3 schedNov24_2017

Results for the Oct 28, 3v3 Tournament click:  3v3 schedOct28_2017

Results for the Columbus Day 3v3 tournament: click: 3v3 schedColumbus2017
Results for the Sept 17   3v3 tournament, click: 3v3 sched Sep2017
Results for the Good Friday 3v3 Tournament click:  3v3 sched GoodFri2017
Results for Presidents Day 3v3 Tournament, Feb 20, 2017, click:  3v3 sched Pres2017
Results for MLK 3v3 Tournament click: 3v3 sched MLK2017
Results for New Year’s Eve 3v3 Tournament  click: 3v3-sched-dec31_2016
Results for Nov 20, 3v3:   click here:   3v3-sched-nov202016
Results  for the Oct 29 3v3 Tournament, Click here:  3v3-sched-oct292016
Results for Columbus Day 3v3, 10 Oct 16, click: 3v3-sched-colmday16
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3 on 3 Basketball Tournaments 2017:
Sunday, September 17th
Columbus Day, Monday, October 9th
Saturday, October 28th
Black Friday, Friday, November, 24th
New Year’s Eve, Sunday, December 31st
Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 15th, 2018
Presidents Day, Monday, February 19th, 2018


3 on 3 Tournaments:  In the Zone typically runs about eight 3 on 3 tournaments each year.

Why play 3 on 3?

      • Focuses on the pure fundamentals of the game: pick and rolls, give and goes, back door cuts, using screens, etc.
      • Stresses basic man to man defense.
      • Fewer players on court means more touches per player. Everyone is involved in the game.
      • No transition game. No fast break, coast to coast baskets—nothing but fundamental half court offense and defense.
      • No pressing, gimmick defenses or strange traps.
      • Fast paced, high scoring and exciting game.
      • More relaxed atmosphere and consequently…more enjoyable.
      • It’s fun!!
      • and its different!!

3 on 3 Tournaments in 2017-2018

      • Sunday, September 17
      • Columbus Day, Monday, October 9
      • Saturday, October 28
      • Black Friday, November 24
      • New Year’s Eve, Sunday, December 31
      • Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 15, 2018
      • President’s Day, Monday, February 19, 2018

Age Brackets:

  • 4-5B grades  m/f (might be co-ed depending on registrations, B level 5th grade teams)
  • 5-6th grade  m/f
  • 7-8th grade  m/f
  • 9-10th grade  m/f
  • 11-12th  grade  m/f
  • Some brackets might be combined or changed slightly.
    Max. 5 Players/Team.
    Male and Female are separate brackets (unless otherwise specified).


Generally there are 2 preliminary games used for seeding and then teams enter single elimination bracket play. 3 game guarantee. For brackets with 4 teams, each team plays other teams, 2 best records advance to finals.  Tie breakers: 1) head to head; 2) point differential in games between teams involved in tie (max 15 points/game); 3) most points scored in games between teams in tie; 4) coin flip.  If a team drops out in any of the above steps but other teams are still tied, revert back to tie breaker #1

Referee:  There will be one referee scheduled for each game.


Game Rules:

      • 20 minute, half court games with running clock; Clock stops on Technical fouls. Clock stops last 2 minutes of game on whistles and made baskets.
      • Three 30 second timeouts per game; one additional 30 second time out for each OT period.
      • 2 minute overtime followed by 1 minute overtimes until tie is broken.
      • No “make it, take it”
      • NO STALLING:Due to the limited number of players on the floor, it is extremely difficult to defend a stalling offense; therefore, stalling is not allowed. Stalling is defined as not making an effort to attack the basket within 5 seconds. An attack is considered taking 2 steps toward the basket. The referee will warn the team after the first offense; subsequent offenses will result in technical fouls assessed to the bench (these T’s do not count toward removal of coach or player).
      • Checking/Take Backs: The ball must be taken back (not checked) after each change of possession (steal, defensive rebound, etc). The ball must be taken back by the defensive team even if the offensive team shoots an air ball. Failure to properly take the ball back will result in a stop in play and checking the ball (no turnover). If a basket is made after an improper take back, the basket will not count.
      • The take back line is the 3 point arc.
      • To properly take the ball back, the player with the ball must at least touch/go over the 3 point arc.
      • The ball will be checked after each made basket and stop in play (i.e. violation, out of bounds) at the top of the key behind the 3 pt arc.
      • When checking the ball, the offensive player tosses the ball to the defensive player who then gives the ball back at about waist level and in a manner that the offensive player can easily control the ball. Once the offensive player receives the ball, the game is live. There will be no “street” moves or funny/cute checking procedures. Failure to check properly will result in a warning to the team. 2nd team violation will result in a technical foul.

Fouls/Foul Shots:

      • Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls each game.
      • Fouls shots are performed the same way they are in regular 5 on 5 games.
      • Bonus will occur on the 7th team foul.
      • Double Bonus will occur on the 10th team foul.
      • Any player or coach receiving two technical fouls will be ejected from that game and will not be allowed to play in their next game.


    • Cost is $100/team.
    • Teams need to share the court for warm-ups.
    • First possession for game and each overtime period is determined by coin-flip.
    • Rules meeting for players and coaches 20 minutes before first game. Coaches responsible for ensuring that players who miss the meeting know the rules.
    • Any player ejected for fighting will be expelled from the tournament—no refunds.
    • 5 minute grace period from start of game before forfeit is announced.
    • Half court line is out-of bounds.
    • Each team should supply one responsible person to assist the scorekeeper and/or clock operator.
    • 3rd & 4th grade brackets will play with a 28.5” ball and a 12 foot foul line with lowest block occupied.  5-6th grade w/ 28.5” ball.
    • Games can continue with a minimum of 1 player.
    • Other PIAA rules are in effect. 2pt FG are worth 2 pts; 3pt FG are worth 3pt; FT are worth 1.
    • Winning teams in each bracket will receive T-Shirts!

      For a printable brochure with registration form click here: 3v3 broch 2017-2018


3 on 3 Summer League 2017

Updated schedules with FINAL RESULTS for 2017 Summer 3v3 League are posted here:
Summer 3v3 GirlsLeague 2017 updated 8/3, 3:30 pm
Summer 3v3 BoysLeague 2017  updated 8/2 2:00 pm

The 3 on 3 league is for players entering grades 4-12 (grades as of Sep 2017).  The goal is to have a separate bracket for each grade, but depending on registrations, grade levels may be combined.  Coaches will be notified before the season if this happens and will be allowed to opt-out of the league.

There will be separate brackets for boys and girls.

      • Season Tues June 13- Wed Aug 2, 2017
      • 14 game regular season schedule.
      • Single elimination play-offs on Tues and Wed Aug 1, 2.  All teams make playoffs.
      • 2 games scheduled each week, back to back or 30-60 min break between and against different teams.
      • Max 6 players/team
      • One ref/game
      • League champions will receive T-Shirts.
      • Boys will play primarily on Tuesdays and girls primarily on Wednesdays 5:30-9:30.
      • Game rules same as 3v3 Tournament games (see above except mas roster size)

 Benefits of entering the In the Zone Summer League:

      • All games are indoors at In the Zone and our building is AIR CONDITIONED!!
      • Plus: no gnats, sun, wind,  Thunderstorms, rainouts re-scheduling etc.
      • For the rest of the family, the batting cages, Aeroball, the fitness center and the snack bar will be open during the games.

Uniforms:   Every player on a team needs to have the same color shirt with numbers clearly visible.

Registration Fees:  $425/team

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your team’s spot.  The registration form, final roster and the balance of the entry fee is due before playing your team’s first game.   ENTRY DEADLINE is 9:00 pm on Tues, June 6th.  Current ITZ AAU players 40% discount.  Team managers/Coaches need to collect fees from their players and make one payment to ITZ (besides the deposit) for their team. ITZ is not going to collect money from individual players or track down individuals for payment.

The registration fee includes referee fees, court time and clock operator/scorer but not practice time.   Teams may also receive discounted court time for practice.

Want to play but need a team?

Individual players can register and will be placed on a team if there are enough individual registrations in that division.  Cost is $120/player for individual registrations. There is no guarantee that everyone who signs up individually will be put on a team.

For a printable brochure with registration form, click here:  3v3 league summer17