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Baseball & Softball


Batting Cages: General Info
Baseball Batting Cages
Softball Batting Cages
Hitting Memberships

The Batting Cages

The cornerstone of our Baseball and Softball training is our Batting Cages. We have 3 separate batting stalls where batters hit into a common open area. Each batting stall is equipped with a baseball and softball pitching machine for a total of 10 pitching machines. Each machine is set at a specific speed. The machines are positioned about 42′ from home plate.

The cages are activated by tokens which can be purchased for $2.00 at the front desk. Each token is good for 20 pitches and works in any cage, for baseball or softball. Helmets and bats are available or you can bring your own. HELMETS MUST BE WORN IN THE CAGES.

The slowest machines are on the left and the speeds increase as you move left to right. Our cages are equipped with the softer balls so they will not damage those pressurized expensive bats. Wood bats are welcome.

The cages are open to the public on a walk-in basis and are available for rental in 30 minute blocks. When a cage is rented, it is not available to the public.

Batting Cage Etiquette:

  • If people are waiting in line use only 2 tokens at a time then allow others to take their turn.
  • Kick or toss balls back after each round (Don’t throw or hit).
  • Wait your turn.
  • hen people are waiting in line, no soft toss or instruction in the cage. Let others use it.

Batting Cage Safety:

  • Helmets must be worn.
  • Only one person in cage when machine is active.
  • No switch hitting or crossing over plate when machine is active.
  • Don’t go past the red line painted on the carpet.
  • No practice swings outside the cage.
  • Pay Attention.
  • No one under 6 years old can use the cages.

Baseball Cages

Each of the 5 baseball pitching machines has an elevation control panel so the hitter can adjust the height of the pitch from inside the stall. The speeds for the pitching machines can accommodate players from Little League to Adults and are set as follows

Cage 1: 30 mph
Cage 2: 45 mph
Cage 3: 60 mph (83 mph 60’ 6” equivalent)

Since the machines are set about 42’ from home plate, the reaction time equivalent speeds at 60’ 6” are listed.

Softball Cages

There is 1 slow pitch softball cages and 2 fast pitch cages. The softball cages do not have height adjustment mechanisms. The softball cages speeds are:

Cage 1: Slow-pitch (10-12’ arc)
Cage 2: 35 mph
Cage 3: 45 mph

Hitting Memberships

Hitting Memberships entitle the member to receive 12 free tokens each visit (limit of one visit per day). If the member wants to use more than 12 tokens in one day, they may purchase additional tokens at half price ($1.00 each, cannot be combined with other offers).

Hitting Members must abide by a few simple rules:

  • Tokens received under this agreement are for exclusive use by the member and are NOT to be given to others.
  • Memberships are for individuals only; not families, siblings, teams or groups.
  • Tokens cannot be ‘banked’ (pocketed) for use after membership expires.
  • Unused tokens must be turned in at the front desk before leaving.
  • Hitting memberships are for hitting in the batting cages only. They do not include use of the pitching lane, the soft toss area or the basketball courts.

Violation of these rules will result in immediate forfeiture of membership without refund.

Six Month Membership: ONLY $165.00

One Year Membership: ONLY $310.00

Membership starts on day agreement is accepted by In the Zone and dues are paid in full. Family discount of $20 for second membership in family. Membership expires either 6 months or 12 months from start date.

Team/Organizational Discounts:
Get 6 or more individuals signing up from the same team/organization at the same time and get $20 off each membership. (Must identify organization and request discount when signing up).


Training Areas

We no longer have a pitching/hitting tunnel or soft toss area