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Shooting Trainers

In the Zone has 3 main shooting trainers.  These training aides have large nets that not only rebound made and missed shots but also help develop proper arc.  The trainers also return the ball to the shooter, either my mechanical passes or by gravity.  Players can get off a lot of shots in a short time using these devices.  Our 3 trainers are: Dr. Dish, The Gun and The Shoot-a-way.

Dr Dish:   This is our newest and most advanced trainer.   It rebounds and can pass to one of 19 spots along the perimeter.  For an overview of Dr. Dish (ITZ has the All-Star Model):

There are 20 pre-set shooting routines. Or players can set the routine by selecting location, shots taken at each spot, shots made at each spot, time between shots and several other parameters.  There is also an app that players can use to track their overall performance, total shots by day, week, month, year, percentages etc.  In order to use the Dr Dish, players will need a short class (5 min) on how to use it.  Use is in the new Shooting Center and is by reservation only.  Rates start at $50/hr (includes court time). See Rates and Memberships for more pricing info and discounts.

The Gun:   The Gun will rebound, rotate and pass. It tracks shots taken, shots made and shooting percentage.  The Gun can be either pass to one spot or rotate around the arc.   To use The Gun, players need a short (5 min) class on proper use.  Use is in the new Shooting Center and is by reservation only.  Rates start at $35/hr. See Rates and Memberships for more pricing info and discounts.

The Shoot-a-way:  This is a rebounding system that returns to ball to the foul line area by rails.  The shot is collected by a net system and gravity fed onto the rails and the ball rolls back to the shooter.  Generally the Shoot-a-way is set up between the 2 courts and is available to paying basketball customers as part of their fee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the differences between The Gun and Dr Dish?    Both are mechanical shooting trainers that will pass and rebound balls for the shooter.   Both are capable of making passes to various spots on the perimeter. Both keep track of shots taken, shots made and shooting percentage.   The Gun can either pass to one spot or rotate and make one pass at each spot before rotating again.   Dr Dish can be programmed to rotate to specific spots, TAKE a predetermined number of shots at each spot before moving to next spot, MAKE a predetermined number of shots at each spot before moving to next spot, or MAKE a certain number of shots IN A ROW before moving to the next spot. Dr Dish can also be programmed to continue for a specific amount of time, until a certain number of shots are taken or a specific number of shots are made. The Dish is BLUE TOOTH enabled and has a smart phone APP so users can track their shots daily, weekly, monthly and total to date. The APP gives an overall shooting percentage. Groups can be created and coaches can track individuals or team performance. Additionally, the Dish can be moved away from the basket to facilitate post player practice. Note: This comparison is valid only for the 2 models ITZ owns.  The Gun has newer models with more functions.


  1. How long should I rent? A good shooting workout is generally between 250 and 500 shots. A nice tempo is one shot every 5 seconds which is 12 shots/minute. That equates to 250 shots in about 21 minutes. Add in some rest periods and its a good 30 minute rental. If you want to double that goal to 500 shots–it’s 42 minutes of shooting or an hour rental (with rest periods).  Its a good idea to rent with a partner: one shoots, one rests.


  1. Should I rent The Gun or Dr Dish? This depends on your goals. If you want to work on your shot to get out of a slump or you have a few specific things to iron out, rent The Gun. If you want to shoot from one specific spot or take a bunch (25-50) of shots at one spot before moving to another spot, rent the Gun.   If you want to develop a longer range training program to become an overall better shooter, rent Dr Dish.

Bottom line:   Short term use =The Gun

One spot focus= The Gun

Longer term training program=Dr Dish


  1. What’s a realistic training session? If you’re by yourself, take 50 shots using Drill #3 (about 4 minutes), Rest a minute, take another 50, rest. Continue until you have taken 250 shots (about 30 minutes).   If you have a partner: one person takes 50 shots then rest, while the other person takes 50 shots. Continue to rotate until each has taken 250 shots (about 1 hour).



There are some shooting fundamentals that ITZ teaches during our shooting instruction that differ from the traditional shooting approach.  Some of these tenets might be different than what other coaches are teaching, specifically 1) angling the feet about 20-30 degrees to the left (for right handed shooters),  2) starting the shot motion with the ball about waist high and dipping the ball to gain momentum and rhythm, and 3) jumping forward slightly with the feet while keeping the shoulders stationary.  Here are a few videos from the ProShot Shooting System (one of the best shooting programs around) that explain each of these aspects:

Turning the feet: