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In the Zone boasts 3 full size basketball courts each measuring 80’ x 50’ with regulation varsity style glass backboards, break away rims and wall mounted electronic scoreboards. We also have special sport tile flooring manufactured by Mataflex that provides nice gripping and safety characteristics. There are sideline bleachers for 120 spectators and sideline benches for coaches and teams.

Basketball Training:
2 courts have 6 side baskets plus another basket between the courts. This provides 20 total baskets which makes In the Zone an ideal place for basketball training. Additionally, we also have:

  • “Shoot-A-Way” shot trainer:
    This is a large rebounding system that surrounds the rim with a net to rebound shots and channel them to one of 2 rails which return the ball to the shooter. The rebounding net is about 14’ high which not only rebounds but also forces optimum arc on shots from about 15-18 ft. By using the Shoot-A-Way properly, players can get about 100 shots in 10 minutes. The Shoot-A-Way is available almost any time the courts are open for public use. Teams that rent the courts also have access to the shoot away. There is no additional charge for using the Shoot-A-Way
  • 12 six ft poles to use instead of cones (provides a more realistic experience).
  • Lots of Basketballs — Men’s and Women’s sizes.

These items are available for training upon request:

  • Heavy Balls
  • Cones
  • Floor Markers
  • Chairs
  • Tennis Balls