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In the Zone’s Volleyball  Fundamentals Program.


In the Zone is establishing a girls volleyball program focusing on teaching, practicing and refining players’ fundamentals.   At In the Zone, we believe that athletes never out-grow and can never get enough of the game’s fundamentals. These basics are the building blocks that all else is built upon.  Although this is primarily a girls program, boys are welcome.

This is a developmental program for girls who are looking to improve their basic skills.
This is a perfect opportunity to refine players’ fundamentals without the time and financial commitment of club ball!

Our program will differentiate itself from other traditional club programs in several ways:

  • Our season will run Dec-Feb instead of Nov-Jun like traditional clubs.       We won’t interfere with spring sports like softball, lacrosse, AAU basketball and track. And it won’t run into the summer.
  • This will be a fundamentals driven, skill based program.       We won’t play in tournaments or leagues. We will have a few local scrimmages but the focus will be on developing fundamentals. Since everything is local, players can probably do this program AND a winter sport, like basketball or swimming.
  • When teaching the fundamentals, its often more beneficial to focus on practice sessions than games.   Fundamental development occurs through repetition. Reps are accomplished in practice. In a game, how many times will a player get to serve? 5-10 times maybe. How many digs? A couple—if that. During a well run and efficient practice, you can get 10-20 times the number of reps that you get in a game.


Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 &

Sundays 5:30-7:30

starting Nov 28 and ending Feb 24, 2019

(That’s 25, two-hour sessions or 50 hours of practice!)


Registration: To register, complete registration form and return to In the Zone along with payment.

Pricing: Fees come out to only $7.50/hour of training, which compared to activities like karate or dance class—this is a bargain.

Individual registration is $375. Registration deadline is Sunday, Nov 25. This will be primarily a girls program, but boys are welcome to train too.



  • Sibling Discount: Each sibling receives a $25 discount.
  • Register with a buddy and both receive a $20 discount.**
  • Register with 2 buddies and all 3 receive a $25 discount.**
  • Register with 3 or more buddies and each receives a $30 discount.**

** to receive the Buddy discount, each person must list their Buddies on the registration form.


Group/team Discounts:

  • Get 4-5 players form same school team* or CYO team and each player gets $40 off.
  • Get 6 or more players* and each receives $50 off.

>Cannot combine multiple offers.

>To receive discounts, the full amount ($375) is due upon registration. The discounts will be refunded once all parties have paid and are committed to the program.


Lina Perugini:

    •  Senior,  Liberty High School, 4 year varsity starter, 2 time captain, 2017 All-Conference First Team All-Star, 2017 All-District 11 First Team All-Star, 2017 PIAA All-State Player Selection, 2017 High Performance National USA Runner Up, 2016 All-Conference Second Team All-Star, 2015 Rookie of the Year; Libero, Outside Hitter

FOR A PRINTABLE BROCHURE, CLICK:  vball brochure2018