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Need to gear up for competition? Too cold or wet outside? We rent cheer space!! We have regulation 42’ x 42’ cheer mats just like they use at competitions for use. We also have 9 mats to get ready for all-star and high school competitions (additional fees apply).

Cheer time by reservation only.

Cheerleading Etiquette Policy:

As we are all aware, the sport of cheerleading tends to evoke competition, passion, and sensitivity in cheerleaders, parents and coaches. And, most organizations are finalizing their competition routines much earlier in the season, and want to keep their routines private for as long as possible. As a result, In the Zone is faced with the difficult task of trying to balance providing adequate cheer space/time with managing cheerleaders, parents, and coaches watching other organization’s practices.

In order to continue to provide all organizations with reasonable time and rates for cheer space, we need to book cheer space times back to back. In most cases, we book cheer space for organizations, and have no way of knowing which squad will be practicing during that time. Therefore, your squad may practice immediately before or after the same age group for another organization. And, since we are a public, open-space facility, it is impossible to prevent anyone from viewing your squad’s practice. When someone arrives to our facility, we do not know whether they are from your organization, the next practice that is scheduled, or are a patron for a completely different sport.

We completely believe that no-one is arriving early to intentionally watch another organization’s practice and/or routine. But, we also know that it is a natural curiosity for cheerleaders, parents, siblings, etc. to watch another organization’s practice if they arrive early.

So . . . in order to minimize one organization viewing another organization’s routine, we’re asking for help and support from all cheer organizations that use our facility. We respectfully request the following from cheerleaders, parents, siblings, student coaches and coaches from all organizations:

When planning arrival for your practice:

  1. If at all possible, please arrive at In The Zone as close to your practice time as possible; 5 minutes should be adequate. Obviously, it’s not a big deal if you arrive early when another squad from your own organization is practicing before you.
  2. If you do arrive before your scheduled practice, please refrain from observing another organization’s routine – this includes cheerleaders, parents, siblings, student coaches and coaches.
  3. Coaches, assistant coaches and parents . . . if you see any of your cheerleaders watching another squad’s practice, please remind them that they wouldn’t want another organization watching their routine.
  4. When it is your scheduled cheer time, and the previous squad has left the cheer mats, have your cheerleaders put their belongings on one of the bleachers, and begin your practice. (Please note: It is easy for coaches to lose track of time. If another squad is on the mats at the beginning of your practice time, please let us know, and we will remind the other coach.)

When practice is over . . .

  1. It is easy for coaches to lose track of time. You may want to have a parent watch the clock for you. This will ensure that we can keep everyone on schedule.
  2. If coaches would like to spend a few minutes talking with cheerleaders and/or parents, you may want to finish your practice on the mats, have the girls collect their belongings from the bleachers, then move to the picnic tables in the concession area.
  3. As with arriving for your practice, please avoid watching the next squad’s practice.

Our hope is that every organization work to make their practices at In The Zone as productive and enjoyable as possible. By following these simple requests, and having coaches and parents lead and set a great example for our cheerleaders, we believe that everyone can have a great cheer season.

We wish each of you fun, good luck and a great time this season, and at any cheer competitions that you participate in.

Thanks in advance.

Steve and Michele
Owners, In the Zone