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Speed & Agility

SAQ or Speed, Agility and Quickness Training increases athleticism. Average athletes become good athletes; good athletes become great athletes; and great athletes become legends.

Speed is perhaps the most potent weapon in an athlete’s arsenal. It is the great equalizer which enables players like Allen Iverson at a mere 6’0’’ to score on opponents more than a foot taller.

Speed and athletic ability, like height, was once believed to be a product of one’s genes; an inherited trait that one either had or didn’t have. Modern research has shown this is not the case. Speed, agility, coordination and athleticism are physical activities that involve specific muscles and neurons. These specific pathways can be trained to be faster and more efficient. Like any other physical skill whether it is swinging a bat or making a foul shot, it can be taught, learned, practiced and improved with the proper training techniques. This neuromuscular connection can be developed and refined by the proper application of specific drills and exercises.
SAQ training developes these neuromuscular pathways.

What is Speed, Agility and Quickness Training (SAQ)?

SAQ Training improves an athlete’s overall strength, balance, stability, coordination, quickness and speed. At the core of SAQ training is a series of drills and specific exercises that develop the body’s core muscle groups and the neuromuscular pathways that control athletic movement.

Does SAQ training work?

ABSOLUTELY!! On average our students have been able to shave 0.2 seconds off their shuttle run time and have increased their vertical leap (a measure of explosive power) by 1.5 inches. Speed, Agility and Quickness, like any other physical skills, can be taught and enhanced through practice and hard work.

Training Program

Our SAQ training program is 4 weeks long and consists of two or three 55 minute classes each week for a total of 8 or 12 classes each session. Classes are held Monday and Wednesday 6:00-6:55 and Friday 4:00-4:55 pm. Classes typically start at the beginning of every month. Classes are open for kids ages 8-18. Cost for the 4 week program is $115 to attend 2 classes each week or $140 to attend all 3.


Typical Class:  No classes scheduled


10 min warm-up (static/dynamic)
10 – 20 min agility and footwork drills
5 – 10 min balance and stability work
5 – 10 min explosive power drills
5 – 10 min speed reaction drills
5 – 10 min form sprinting and striding
5 min Cool down


Team Training

We can develop a program, train your team and work it into your current training regimen. ($10.00/athlete/lesson – minimum 6 athletes)

Private Lessons

Want more individualized attention? We can provide private lessons customized for your particular sport(s) and position(s) and focusing on your specific needs. ($45.00/lesson for up to 4 athletes; $10.00/athlete thereafter)

Supervision Instructor: Steve Turpening

Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Speed, Agility and Quickness Trainer Certified by NESTA (National Endurance Sports Training Association)