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Vertical Leap & Explosion

In the Zone is proud to offer Vertical Leap and Explosion Training, featuring our newly acquired VertiMax™ training platform.

Primary program focus:

Increase the athlete’s vertical leap and improve explosion, including first step quickness.

This is a complex training program incorporating low-load velocity-specific training (Vertimax™), plyometrics, functional training (medicine ball drills, tire flips) core muscle building and resistance band work. VLET is an intense program; students need to be in good shape.

The goal of this program is to increase vertical leap by 2 inches in just 4 weeks!!

Get Faster too:
On average, a 2 ½ inch increase in vertical leap will equate to shaving 0.1 seconds from a 40 yard dash time.

Phase I and Phase II Training

Phase I training is the initial 4-week program. Phase II is a more intense, follow-up program and can only be done upon successful completion of Phase I training. Phase I and II classes are held at the same time; the main difference is that Phase II incorporates more reps, more sets, increased use of Jump Soles and more/higher resistance (weighted vests/ankle weights, etc).


***NO Classes currently scheduled***

Each training session is 4 weeks long and consists of two or three 55 minute classes each week for a total of 8 or 12 classes each session.

$115.00 for eight 55 minute classes each session (attend 2 of 3 each week)
$140.00 for twelve 55 minute classes each session (attend all 3 classes each week)

Individual Vertimax training sessions available:
$20 for 20 minutes (by appointment only). Bundles of six 20 minute workouts for $100.

Supervising Instructor: Steve Turpening
Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Speed, Agility and Quickness Trainer
Certified by NESTA (National Endurance Sports Training Association)

Look who’s using VertiMax™:

  • 13 NFL teams including five of the last six Super Bowl champions
  • 12 NBA Teams
  • 21 out of last years top 25 ranked Division 1 football programs
  • 3 out of 4 of this year’s Division 1 Final Four basketball teams

“The Vertimax training device is an integral part of our strength and conditioning program at the University of Florida. We believe that this training device incorporated into out program has helped our team make improvements in our explosiveness and power.” — Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach, University of Florida

“Our team has seen and felt the benefits of working with VertiMax…My players and staff are sold on VertiMax.” — Rick Pitno, Head Basketball Coach, University of Louisville Men’s Basketball

“In the last three years Vertimax™ has helped 21 of my clients become first round draft picks” — Tom Shaw, Speed Inc, Speed Coach New England Patriots

VertiMax is the most effective Low Load High Speed Training System ever designed!!

Information from Vertimax™ promotional material